Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Intergrated Conservation Solutions within Coastal Zone Management

An interesting twist in managing the coastal zone, worth checking out!

Coastal Zone Management (UK) is a not for profit company registered in the United Kingdom. Who specialise in the integrated management of protected areas in tropical and temperate regions. As a small company they offer very competitive rates whilst offering strategic, realistic and effective solutions to island, coastal and catchment conservation management issues. Coastal Zone Management (UK) have worked with a number of partner organisations and has a far-reaching network of contacts. Currently Coastal Zone Management (UK) is working extensively with the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and the protected areas on Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St Eustatius, Saba and St. Maarten.

Coastal Zone Management has been involved in a wide variety of projects worldwide over the last 12 years, ranging from issues in marine science, sociology and environmental science to cartography and education, and has a flexible and innovative approach to finding solutions to issues within the coastal zone.

Coastal Zone Management is based in St Agnes, Cornwall, United Kingdom.

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Exam Reflections

The Coastal Zone Management final exam was based around 1. conflicts/pressure points within the coastal zone on a global scale, 2. participants involved with coastal conflicts and 3. the undertaking of a conflict resolution analysis on a current conflict.

1. Such conflicts/pressures as fishing, recreation, boating, industry, business, humans and planning. All of which have a huge impact on the environment and have to be considered when targeting the outcomes of these stresses.
2. Participants involed include; stakeholders, businesses, organisations, interest groups, tourism, and hollistically anthropogenic visions.
3. My chosen conflict used during this exam was the Falmouth cruise terminal to be undertaken in Falmouth habour, i concentrated my analysis on the transport system to be put in place and various resolutions that could help rectify the issues concerned.