Thursday, 5 June 2008

Exam Reflections

The Coastal Zone Management final exam was based around 1. conflicts/pressure points within the coastal zone on a global scale, 2. participants involved with coastal conflicts and 3. the undertaking of a conflict resolution analysis on a current conflict.

1. Such conflicts/pressures as fishing, recreation, boating, industry, business, humans and planning. All of which have a huge impact on the environment and have to be considered when targeting the outcomes of these stresses.
2. Participants involed include; stakeholders, businesses, organisations, interest groups, tourism, and hollistically anthropogenic visions.
3. My chosen conflict used during this exam was the Falmouth cruise terminal to be undertaken in Falmouth habour, i concentrated my analysis on the transport system to be put in place and various resolutions that could help rectify the issues concerned.

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glad(e)07 said...

many thanks ken, well done. will send you an email with marks and general assessment